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It takes a surprising number of people a surprising amount of time to put together an event like this so we really have to say a big bedlam thank you to those who have helped to make the day possible.

Firstly to our committee of volunteers who have helped with the planning, administration, scheduling, campsite liaison, social media and of course this particularly lovely website.

A very special thank you to our sponsor Dorking Flowers for providing coaches to transport dancers between campsite and town.

Thanks you also to the venues who supported the 2014 event:

Keith at Dorking Halls

Ralph at St Martin’s Walk shopping centre

Nicky at Red Bar & Lounge 

Joel at The Old House at Home

Adam and Debbie at Henfold Lakes Leisure, our camping venue

These local businesses have provided invaluable help and support to us – please support your local businesses in return.

See you next year!

| June 6th 2015 |